Chicken Breast in Garlic Oyster Sauce with Basil

Chicken breast is a good source of lean protein and it helps in maintaining muscle mass especially for those who don’t want to gain body fat. However, we get easily fed up by eating the same old plain chicken breast everyday, just like me. Thus, I always tend to mix things in the kitchen and find good recipes to give that old-boring chicken a boost.

As a result, I stumbled upon this nom nom recipe using my mother’s favorite kitchen sauce, Garlic Oyster Sauce, she discovered lately.

This recipe is easy and only few ingredients are needed.


Good for 2 servings

Chicken breast • 2 pcs
Mama Sita’s Oyster sauce • 1/4 cup
Dried Basil leaves • 1 tsp
Ground black pepper • 1 tsp
Olive oil
Leek • for garnish

First, we need to marinate the chicken. Using ground black pepper, dried basil leaves and Mama Sita’s garlic oyster sauce, make sure to marinate both sides. I love that black pepper-y taste so I used lots of it but you can decide how much you will use based on your preference. After marinating, let it sit for 15 minutes (optional, since you can fry it directly after) so the flavor will really sink in.

Second, it’s time to fry our marinated chicken breast using olive oil or any of your choice. I can’t really specify how much time you should fry but you’d know when it’s cook. Or you can ask your mom, just like what I did 🤗

Lastly, plating! Just sprinkle those chopped leeks and you’re good to go. But you can always have a cheat day so why not add little bites of french fries (optional🤭). Happy eating!


Dine in: James & Jacob Fine Coffee and Light Fare

Located along J.P. Laurel National Highway, infront of De La Salle Lipa is this cafe named James and Jacob and from the whole name of the place itself, they serve fine coffee and light fare. It is on the ground floor of MVL building, with entrance from the outside and inside MVL.

I did not really visit the place to find something to blog. Actually, my friend and I were having our IELTS review in the review center located inside MVL and while waiting for the time, we decided to eat our lunch in this cafe due to its relaxing turquiose interior. I’m really fond of cute coffee shops.

Because of tight budget and most of the items in their menu are not budget-friendly, we ordered their student combo.

Spaghetti bolognese, muffin and free iced tea for Php98.00

I’d like to order coffee too but my wallet said no!


I really love their spaghetti! Sweet and savory with that herb-y feels. Plus, they have unlimited parmesan sprinkles which I really enjoyed. But since it’s light fare, don’t expect a super full stomach. About the muffin, well it’s not really extraordinary but can satisfy your dessert-seeking tongue.

I don’t have much information about the cafe since I’m not really planning to blog. But if you want to know more, visit their Facebook page:

James and Jacob Fine Coffee and Light Fare

Sephina’s Milk Truffles

Another great find! I was browsing my facebook page when I luckily stumbled on this mouth-watering goodies. It was posted by Hello Lipa, a blog based in Lipa City. And since I fell in love at first sight, I hurriedly searched for the store, so I can buy these truffles. Sephina’s Milk Truffles is being sold online by Twins Online Store, it’s also based in Lipa City.

I don’t know much about the store since it’s my first time, but if you’re living in Lipa City, Batangas; you can pick up your orders at their house in Lodlod, Lipa City. They will give you directions.

Taste is really not a disappointment, if you expect it to be good, it’s gonna be good and more. It’s a mixture of sweet and dark-chocolate-bitter goodness that is well-balanced. The milk chocolate gives off the sweetness and I think the cocoa coating lets out hint of the bitter.

The serving, however, is small that I can finish it in one sitting – alone!

For size reference, that is my lap and I’m a small girl 😊 

But overall, I will buy again on my next pay-day!

Price: Php195.00

Instagram: @twinsonlinestoreph

Facebook: Twins Online Store

Pinoy Street Food 

Fried Calamares. Also known as Calamari; sliced squid covered in flour then deep-fried. Best with vinegar dipping.

Dynamite. Long green chili pepper wrapped in lumpia wrapper and deep-fried. Best with fishball sauce.

Kwek-kwek. Quail eggs covered in flour with orange food color and deep-fried. Best with fishball sauce mixed with vinegar.

Dine in: Manam

As my boyfriend always says, the ambiance of a restaurant is always the first thing that can capture a customer’s eye. Second would be the price and third will be the taste. And unconsciously, it’s what we’re always doing when choosing places to eat. 

Tired from all the mall walks around Mall Of Asia, we’ve become hungry. But then, since we’re not really familiar with all the restaurants here (we’re from Lipa City, Batangas), we roam again, looking for the perfect lunch spot. 

Walking around, Manam caught our attention, from its cozy ambiance to its classy furnitures and interiors. I also love the color combination of this restaurant from the tables and chairs to the aprons of the crews, really eye-catching.

The restaurant looks expensive but when we checked the menu, our eyes went 😍. The prices are just perfect, not really cheap but not too expensive. So the decision has been made!

Manam is located at the Ground Level of SM Mall of Asia – South Mall Parking Bldg.

We ordered everything that caught our eyes and the good thing about this restaurant is that their food comes in sizes – small, medium and large. So since we’re first timers and just want a taste of everything, we ordered everything small except for the lumpia.

What we ordered:

🖤 for our favorite, numbers 1-5 stand for their spot in the picture and not ratings

Gising-gising in small, Php120 🖤

Lumpiang bicol express in medium, Php135 

Sinigang na prawns sa green mango in small, Php250

Grilled tiger prawns topped with house-made aligue butter in small, Php295

Crispy Pata with garlic chili bits in small, Php295 🖤


Ambiance – 8/10

Price – 7/10

Taste – 7/10

XoXo 💋 

Bento Box Ideas

Light meal ideas to get you through the day, but not really recommended for heavy eaters. I consider these meals healthy, although I have not counted the caloric content and stuff. 

Meal 1

Tuna flakes in oil

Steamed green beans and cauliflower

Sprinkled with black pepper and paprika

Meal 2

Chopseuy; chicken meat cooked with vegetables such as green beans, young corn, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower in a starch-thickened sauce.

Handful of peanut

Chicken breast stir fry in olive oil dusted with black pepper 

Meal 3 

Boiled egg

Steamed green beans and broccoli 

Topped with buttered shrimp and two pinches of black pepper 

Meal 4

Steamed broccoli 


San Remo’s Vegeroni spirals with tuna and olive oil 

XoXo 💋

Satisfying Breakfast

Good morning! I prepared myself a breakfast. It’s a one in a million chance but when I do, I do it extraordinary.

Meal combo:

Fried egg seasoned with black pepper and peanut butter with banana cuts on wheat bread toast, paired with the English Tea House’s super berries tea for a delightful morning ☕️

Have a nice day!

XoXo 💋


It burns against my hand

It’s cold against my palm

I want to let go

I want to say no

But I need the cold

I need to hold

Even if there’s pain

I know there is hope

XoXo 💋 

Easy Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate and marshmallows are not new. But I’d like to share my recipe of super easy hot chocolate mix with melted marshmallow foam.


Yap. Only 2 ingredients needed.. Again 😁 


Pour the chocolate mix of your choice in a cup of boiling water. However, I recommend to use dark chocolate mix since marshmallows tend to be sweet. Then place three or as many as desired marshmallows on top. The big ones are nice to cover up the whole cup. Wait for a while to let the marshmallows melt and enjoy while hot 👌🏻

XoXo 💋