Dine in: Manam

As my boyfriend always says, the ambiance of a restaurant is always the first thing that can capture a customer’s eye. Second would be the price and third will be the taste. And unconsciously, it’s what we’re always doing when choosing places to eat. 

Tired from all the mall walks around Mall Of Asia, we’ve become hungry. But then, since we’re not really familiar with all the restaurants here (we’re from Lipa City, Batangas), we roam again, looking for the perfect lunch spot. 

Walking around, Manam caught our attention, from its cozy ambiance to its classy furnitures and interiors. I also love the color combination of this restaurant from the tables and chairs to the aprons of the crews, really eye-catching.

The restaurant looks expensive but when we checked the menu, our eyes went 😍. The prices are just perfect, not really cheap but not too expensive. So the decision has been made!

Manam is located at the Ground Level of SM Mall of Asia – South Mall Parking Bldg.

We ordered everything that caught our eyes and the good thing about this restaurant is that their food comes in sizes – small, medium and large. So since we’re first timers and just want a taste of everything, we ordered everything small except for the lumpia.

What we ordered:

🖤 for our favorite, numbers 1-5 stand for their spot in the picture and not ratings

Gising-gising in small, Php120 🖤

Lumpiang bicol express in medium, Php135 

Sinigang na prawns sa green mango in small, Php250

Grilled tiger prawns topped with house-made aligue butter in small, Php295

Crispy Pata with garlic chili bits in small, Php295 🖤


Ambiance – 8/10

Price – 7/10

Taste – 7/10

XoXo 💋 



Love, food and travel ❤️

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