Bento Box Ideas

Light meal ideas to get you through the day, but not really recommended for heavy eaters. I consider these meals healthy, although I have not counted the caloric content and stuff. 

Meal 1

Tuna flakes in oil

Steamed green beans and cauliflower

Sprinkled with black pepper and paprika

Meal 2

Chopseuy; chicken meat cooked with vegetables such as green beans, young corn, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower in a starch-thickened sauce.

Handful of peanut

Chicken breast stir fry in olive oil dusted with black pepper 

Meal 3 

Boiled egg

Steamed green beans and broccoli 

Topped with buttered shrimp and two pinches of black pepper 

Meal 4

Steamed broccoli 


San Remo’s Vegeroni spirals with tuna and olive oil 

XoXo 💋



Love, food and travel ❤️

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